About CamRacing

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Driver Profile

  • Name: Cody Marszalek
  • Age: 17
  • Hobbies:kart Racing,Golf,Welding
  • favorite Race Tracks: Daytona,Bristol,Texas,Julesraceway,
  • Long term goals: Get Top 3 , also win the championship, Win  in the burris dirt series, Work my way up into the Craftsman Truck Series,and be postive about my racing.
  • Favorite color: red & yellow
  • Favortie movie: Driven, Days of thunder,Top Gun
  • Favorite Drivers: Alex Speed, Ray Zeaman ,Mark Martin

How CamRacing got started

My grandpa used to race Hydro Planes which are racing boats that's how i got into racing alot. When I wanted to race karts we bought a used old chassis just to get out there for seat time and just get the feel of the kart. When we bought this used kart it was not like the other karts that where at the track but it got the job done. But we decide in order to be competive you have to have the right equiment so we decided to look into a new chassis, but this was are first time so we did'nt know what type of chassis is best. Ray helped us out alot we bought a new chassis on ebay. So to help with racing I went out to find some sponser's to support CamRacing. CamRacing stands for cody allen marszalek. It take's alot of work to support your racing career pretty much all my checks go into the kart. 

My Contact Information