Kart Spec's

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Cam Racing's kart is a high proformance racing machine with persiscion racing part's. our motor is setup for stock 5hp.  but with some machine work and boring the cylinder, and persiscion parts our motor is equivilent to a 12hp motor.

Kart chassis

At the bottom picture is CamRacing's  Racing Machine

safety equiment

  • BELL Racing Jacket
  • Bell Racing Helmet
  • NeckBrace
  • Racing Gloves
  • Racing Shoes

Kart Spec's

  •   Engine - Stock 5Hp Briggs and Staratton converted into a 12Hp
  •  Chassis- Adjustable Caster,WeightJacking system,Floating Axle
  • Chassis Brand - Outlaw by prokarts  www.prokarts.com
  • Clutch-  2 Disc Clutch, adjustable Springs
  • Clutch Brand- Reaper made by Horstman  www.Horstman.com
  • Tires - Burris RacingTires
  • Tach- Digitron Dt-35 Rpm,CHT (cylinder head tempture)
  • Bodies- Renegade Kart Bodies